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Name Size/Type Description Date
Recommended Blood Glucose Meters September 2014 FINAL.pdf 121KB PDF 28 Nov 2017
Recommended Blood Glucose Meters September 2014 FINAL.pdf 314KB PDF 29 Nov 2017
Report on our health roadshow - spring 2017 1147KB PDF Our report describes the range of activity undertaken, the partners and individuals involved and the valuable insight and experience of local people living across the city. 07 Sep 2017
Response FOI-073-2014-15 - Powered Wheelchair Provision.pdf 225KB PDF 23 Jul 2015
Response-FOI-001-2014-15 - 2nd Response - Mobile Phones.pdf 147KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-001-2014-15 - Mobile Phones.pdf 220KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-001-2014-15-A - Named GPs for over 75s.pdf 148KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-002-2014-15 - Medicines Commissioning.pdf 194KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-002-2014-15 Spreadsheet - Medicines Commissioning.pdf 187KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-003-2014-15 - Contact Details.pdf 214KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-004-2014-15 - Perinatal Mental Health.pdf 216KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-005-2014-15 - Vulnerable Patient Funding.pdf 149KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-006-2014-15 - Security Services.pdf 146KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-007-2014-15 - Carers Strategy.pdf 145KB PDF 10 Feb 2015
Response-FOI-008-2014-15 - Data Protection Act Breaches.pdf 231KB PDF 10 Feb 2015