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GP takes over as chair at NHS Southampton City CCG

Dr Mark Kelsey, Clinical Chair and local GP

NHS Southampton City CCG can confirm Dr Mark Kelsey has started his new role as its Clinical Chair from this month. 

Dr Kelsey takes over from Dr Sue Robinson, who retired from the role at the end of 2017.

Dr Kelsey trained in Southampton and has been a GP in the city since 2005. Since 2013, he has been the CCG’s GP Board lead for communications and engagement and information technology, and for the last two years has served as Deputy Clinical Chair of the Governing Body.

He is also the clinical lead for the Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE, formerly known as the Hampshire Health Record), one of the most advanced clinical record sharing systems in the NHS.

In his new role as Clinical Chair, Dr Kelsey will be ensuring the CCG remains strongly clinically led with family doctors and other health professionals at the heart of NHS decision making in Southampton.

Following his appointment as the new Clinical Chair of NHS Southampton City CCG, Dr Mark Kelsey said:

“I am delighted to be leading the CCG, which has a great team of GPs, nurses, and health professionals working hard all year round alongside our experienced management team on behalf of the city’s patients.

“There are big challenges ahead of us.  People in Southampton are now living longer and with more complex health needs, and as a result demand for health and care services in the city has never been higher. 

“We remain committed, together with other local NHS organisations, to improving care and providing a high quality sustainable NHS that meets the needs of local people”.

The CCG has also confirmed that Dr Richard McDermott will be replacing Dr Kelsey as the CCG’s Deputy Clinical Chair. 

The governing body also includes four other local GPs in addition to the chair and deputy chairs, a secondary care doctor, two lay members, the Director of Public Health and our Executive team (one of whom is the Chief Nurse). 

Southampton City CCG’s governing body also includes representatives from Healthwatch Southampton and Southampton City Council as non-voting members.

Also starting in January, we are delighted to welcome our new secondary care board doctor, Dr Peter Hockey, following Dr Richard Day’s retirement at the end of 2017.  Dr Hockey is also the Postgraduate Dean for Wessex and a Harkness Fellow. 

Following Mark Kelsey’s appointment, other changes have been made to the CCG’s governing body:

  • As Clinical Chair, Dr Mark Kelsey will be focusing on making sure the CCG remains strongly clinically led. He will also continue to lead on innovation and technology.
  • Dr Richard McDermott has been appointed as Deputy Clinical Chair.  He will chair the Clinical Executive Group committee, as well as taking over as the CCG’s lead for Better Care Southampton and Integration.
  • Dr Chris James will be retiring from the CCG governing body in April.
  • Dr Pritti Aggarwal will continue to lead on Target.
  • Dr Ian Ward has taken over as the GP quality lead.
  • Following an election process, Dr Sarah Young and Dr Chris Sanford will be joining the governing body in the coming months.  Dr Sarah Young will become the lead on prescribing and cancer, and will continue to lead on adult safeguarding.  Dr Chris Sanford, who leads on primary care, will be joining the governing body in April.

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