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GP encourages more local businesses to sign up to the city's Carers Card

A carer helping to water plants

Do you know a person who looks after someone without being paid?

Research from Carers UK estimates that nearly half of all unpaid carers find it hard to make ends meet. 

On this Carers Rights Day, Friday 24 November, please tell them about the free Carers Card from local support agency Carers in Southampton.

We know that when you are looking after someone, money is often tight and it can be hard to get out and do things.  Carers in Southampton have launched the Carers Card to enable you to save money and do more.

The card is available to unpaid carers and most discounts are offered on production of the card.

Phil Lee, Project Manager for Carers in Southampton, said:

“Our carers asked us to create a carers card.  It helps them feel recognised and valued for the extraordinary work they do and gives them a sense of identity.  The card also offers discounts.

“I would really encourage anyone who is doing unpaid caring to ring us on 023 8058 2387 or visit our website to request a Carers Card.  And we’d like to encourage many more businesses and services in Southampton to come forward and offer a discount.”

Dr Sue Robinson, Clinical Chair at NHS Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“The Carers Card from Carers in Southampton is an excellent way of showing appreciation for unpaid carers in the city, and I encourage more people who care for someone for free to request one. 

“We think there are around 30,000 people in Southampton who are unpaid carers, looking after a family member, friend or neighbour.  They give up their time for free and often do not have much money themselves, so this simple scheme makes a big difference by allowing unpaid carers to save. 

“I think it’s great so many businesses in the city have signed up to accept Carers Card discounts and I hope more sign up.”

Carers in Southampton will be around the Royal South Hants Hospital on Carers Rights Day (Friday 24 November 2017) promoting the Carers Card and inviting patients, visitors and staff to enter a free raffle for a Christmas hamper.

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