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Cervical screening can save your life – if you attend

That’s the message from the NHS in Southampton this week as the city’s GPs support Cervical Screening Awareness Week. 

Cervical cancer is preventable and treatable, but it starts with taking up the offer to be screened. 

Cancer screening is proven to have reduced the number of cancer instances in the city but there are still a large number of the population not taking up the offer. 

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35 but is largely preventable thanks to cervical screening and the HPV vaccination programme.

Dr Sue Robinson, Clinical Chair of NHS Southampton City CCG and a local GP, said:

“The reason we screen for cervical cancer is because it works. The test can detect changes to the cells in the cervix before cancer has even developed.

“If the test does pick up changes that might suggest pre-cancer abnormalities, then treatment options can be offered quickly.”

All women eligible for this type of screening will receive their invite in the post.  They can go to their GP or any local screening clinics to have the test carried out.

Dr Sue Robinson added,

“The test will only take five minutes and, although women may feel apprehensive about the test, which will be usually done by your practice nurse, it could save your life”