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With a range of services available, your local pharmacy gives instant access to a health specialist on your high street. Do you know how your local pharmacy can help you?

Your local pharmacy can offer advice and treatment for a wide range of minor illness and injuries such as sore throats, coughs, colds, skin rashes, minor cuts and bruises and tummy troubles. 

Pharmacists are a great first point of call and they can let you know if you need to book an appointment with your GP. With our minor ailments service, you may also be eligible to receive free medication for many illnesses and injuries without having to visit your GP.

Most pharmacies now have private consultation rooms and many in the city are open into the evening and on weekends – we have four open for 100 hours per week (two in the city centre, one in Millbrook and one in Bitterne).

Many pharmacies also provide services such as:

  • emergency contraception
  • advice on how to manage long term conditions
  • healthy eating and weight management
  • stopping smoking support

Eight pharmacies in Southampton are also Healthy Living Pharmacies, meaning they have a pharmacist who specialises in providing support to keep people healthy. 

Find out more about the services local pharmacies provide in our list of pharmacies in Southampton or to find your nearest pharmacy and check their opening hours, you can visit the NHS website and search by postcode.

Find out more about the support pharmacists can provide on the here for you Hampshire website

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