A hospital ward There are five local hospitals that provide services for Southampton residents including:

Southampton General Hospital

Southampton General Hospital (SGH), provided by University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, hosts a large number of specialist services including special intensive care units, the Emergency Department (ED) and eye casualty as well as general outpatient clinics.

Royal South Hants Hospital

The Royal South Hants Hospital offers a variety of treatment and support, including a range of primary and secondary care, various specialist therapies, dental treatment, a Minor Injuries Unit, Sexual Health services and an on-site pharmacy.

Moorgreen Hospital

The Tom Rudd Unit at Moorgreen Hospital is the base for Willow Assessment and Treatment Unit which provides intensive support, assessment and treatment to adults with a learning disability. This service is for patients who have complex and difficult to manage behaviours which can't be assessed or treated safely in community based settings.

The site is also home to the Stoneham Centre which houses the Adult Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy department.

Princess Anne Hospital

The Princess Anne Hospital is located on Coxford Road in Southampton, just across the road from Southampton General Hospital. It is a centre of excellence for maternity care, providing a comprehensive service, including home birth, for about 5,000 women each year from around Southampton.

It is also a regional centre for foetal and maternal medicine providing specialist care for women with medical problems during pregnancy, and for those whose baby needs extra care before or around birth.

Western Community Hospital  

Western Community Hospital is the only community hospital in Southampton. It is home to the Snowden Neurological Rehabilitation Unit which is a 14 bed facility which provides a specialist in-patient neurological rehabilitation service, including multidisciplinary assessment and treatment programmes.

Patients with more complex conditions and those who choose to be treated elsewhere can be referred to specialist centres across the country.