Funding your care

Doctor looking in patients ear As a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we are allocated a fixed amount of the NHS budget for the healthcare needs of our local population. We are responsible for making the best use of our resources to look after the needs of our local people. Our aim is to provide comprehensive, effective and accessible health services.

However, as the demand for health services is often greater than the money available, we must decide which treatments and services will be prioritised and funded as it is not possible to fund every available treatment. The aim of the prioritisation process is to ensure services offer the most benefit to the largest number of patients, whilst also making sure that the process is fair to the whole population and that public money is spent wisely.

To help us do this, we use national and local policies and guidance to ensure that the treatments, operations or drugs we commission have a proven benefit in meeting the health needs of the population.

Individual Funding Requests

You can ask your doctor or health specialist to make an individual funding request if funding is not routinely available or if they feel there are exceptional clinical circumstances related to your case. This could include, for example, if you feel you need a very new treatment or drug and the CCG has no commissioning policy available. This process is known as the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Process. For more on Individual Funding Requests please contact our Patient Experience Service.



IFR policies

The Individual Funding Request (IFR) Policy includes details of procedures including:

NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit manage IFR requests on behalf of the CCG and the current IFR policy can be viewed on their website.